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Mapping is a sure way to increase your ROI.

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Mapping is important to many industries but it is extremely crucial in the mailing industry. Mapping plays a big part in marketing new or existing businesses that want to grow.  Mapping with AVS Leads will enable you to target specific areas or geographical boundaries were there is a higher concentration of customers that are more likely to purchase from your business.

What is mapping?

Mapping is the process of selecting specific boundaries or zones within geographical areas that a business chooses to market to.  Such selection process can involve radiating out by distance in miles from a business or by drive time from an exact location while being able to specify a target quantity.

  • Mapping can also play a part in identifying the market area when you need to send out notices for city events, construction site events, projects, promotions, announcements or any kind of news you would like residents to receive.
  • There are 2 main types of mapping. Carrier route mapping and Zip4 mapping.
    • Carrier Route mapping consists of routes aligned by the United State Post office of how the Postman walks his route. This can allow the mailing to qualify for the cheapest postage rate possible since it is already sorted by how the Postal carrier walks his route. It is also known as the saturation list.
    • Zip4 or GeoData consists of mapping down to the street level by zip+4. This is considered a more precise way of mapping. This mapping is done when a client needs to stay within a specific bounded area. Some projects that commonly use this type of mapping would be notification notices for a community, water districts, construction projects, liquor licenses or smaller areas as in 1500 feet radius or less.
    • There are specific type of names for these 2 types of mapping. They are referred to as “radius mapping”, “zone mapping”, “boundary mapping”, “zip code mapping”, and “carrier route mapping”, just to name a few.

Why is mapping important?

  • Mapping is important because it lets you target specific areas with criteria and demographics for your business or direct marketing campaign.
  • Mapping will help cut down the cost on postage because you will not be mailing to an area you do not want to target. This will save you lots of money.
  • Mapping will get you a better response for your marketing campaign that will lead to more new clients for your business.
  • Mapping gives you the option to pick the exact areas by carrier route or down to the street level. So if you have specific communities or areas within each zip code you want to target, then we can do that for you by using our unique mapping system.