Our team of data programmers will assist you in preparing your files for the ultimate in deliverability and postage savings available.


  • Merge/Purge (duplicate elimination) from one to multiple lists.
  • Address Hygiene (NCOA processing – National Change of Address).
  • Postal Sorting (1st Class and 3rd Class Presort and Walk Sequencing for Resident/Occupant mailing.)
  • Data Entry Services


We can target your mailing within a specified radius, down to the mail carrier route level, or by the Zip+4 level. This service also allows us to perform a penetration analysis, based on the response, to determine where the majority of your responders are located and their demographics . We also provide a hard copy map of the responders.


AVS provides the resources for internet retailers and anyone who wants to reach prospects or to enhance a customer file with email addresses.  From our consumer or business lists we can select your target market and provide the emails that are available.  Reach your markets with a Direct Mail campaign and an Email campaign to follow-up or vice-versa.  We do the emailing for you and you increase your ROI from the responders.

Enhance your database to better understand your current market and get to know who your customers are.


Your customer file is an integral part of your business and should be as clean as possible and housed in a secure facility where you and you only have access for future campaigns


Get to know who your customers are.  AVS will  append demographic information available to your records to help you assess your market.  This process goes hand-in-hand with our Profile Analysis Report to improve marketing strategies and increase response rates which will ultimately increase your bottom-line.


AVS will assist you in precisely identifying  your customers and target  campaigns to look-alikes to increase response rates and decrease costs.

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